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Routin Vermouth Blanc 16% 750ML
Distillerie des Alpes

Routin Vermouth Blanc 16% 750ML

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Vermouth Routin Blanc proudly bears the name of its inventor, Philibert Routin. It is inspired by his original recipe, devised more than a century ago and jealously guarded in a safe in his honour.

Made from plants, flowers and spices, macerated in local Chambéry wine for several weeks to allow each ingredient to fully develop. Vermouth Routin Blanc contains French wines only.

Vermouth Routin Blanc is made in Chambéry with French white Sauvignon wine, local Jacquère wine and an artful blend of 18 plants, flowers and spices. Its refined bouquet is characterised by aromatic thyme notes, as well as light spicy notes. Its very sweet taste and pale yellow colour lend it a distinctive character.

Vermouth Routin Blanc is traditionally served straight, on ice, with a lemon wedge or a pink grapefruit segment. It is also excellent in cocktails.

Distillery tip: as a long drink, diluted with sparkling water or slightly bitter tonic, Vermouth Routin Blanc is an apéritif favourite.

Storage advice: Unopened bottles of Vermouth should be kept upright, like spirits. Once opened, keep chilled. Like any fortified wine, Vermouth is sensitive to oxygen, which impairs its aromatic bouquet and its flavour. The cold slows oxidation of its aromas.

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