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Bordiga Pastis Prouvençal 45% 700ML

Bordiga Pastis Prouvençal 45% 700ML

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Primary Botanicals: star anise, licorice root, wild fennel seed, gentiana lutea (roots), gentiana acaulis (flowers), wild thyme flowers. Star anise and licorice root differentiate Pastis from its anise-flavored predecessor, absinthe. Bordiga’s version is light and dry, with a defined salinity and herbaceous finish. Drunk traditionally as an aperitivo with a ratio of 4:1 water, it can also be subbed for absinthe. No artificial coloring.

Anise has been used since ancient times by the civilizations of the Mediterranean as an ingredient for the preparation of alcoholic beverages. In addition to producing his absinthe, the favorite distillate of the cursed poets of the bohien era, Bordiga also created Pastis, typical of the Occitan lands.

Bordiga is a particular distillery, specialized in rigor and respect for tradition. Its strong point is the alpine officinal herbs still harvested by hand and dried at high altitude by mountain dwellers, in an uncontaminated environment. This means that the botanicals used are spontaneous, and therefore intrinsically biological.

It is consumed diluted with water, sometimes with the addition of a drop of mint, barley or grenadine syrup.

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