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Gift box - Rosé Reverie

Gift box - Rosé Reverie

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Gift box : Rosé Reverie

Discover the charm of French winemaking with our carefully selected gift box featuring two exquisite French rosé.

This curated collection epitomises the art of French viticulture, offering a symphony of flavours that will delight your palate. Share or savour it solo, our "Rosé reverie" gift box celebrates the essence of French rosé

The Kit Contains:

1x 750ml bottle of Chateau Roubine Premium Rosé - AOP Côtes de Provence - Cru Classé 2022 12.5% 

1x 750ml bottle of Clos de Caille - AOP Côtes de Provence - Rosé 2021 13%

To truly enjoy this delightful wine

Begin by properly chilling your rosé to around 7-13°C, enhancing its flavours.

Ensure you use a glass that captures the wine's aromas; a tulip-shaped or white wine glass is ideal.

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