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White Possum Naked Amaretto 24% 500ML

White Possum Naked Amaretto 24% 500ML

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This is a stripped down version of the classic Italian Amaretto, but with an Australian twist!

To make it, White Possum smash apart Australian grown bitter almonds (a by-product of the apricot industry), cook and infuse them in spirit for weeks. This is where they get that big bold marzipan flavour that we love so much. Then they add a pinch of wild Strawberry Gum leaves, harvested from outback NSW, which adds an extra floral boost.

For sweetening, they have used a mix of brown and white Australian cane sugar. They don't add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives 

The nose : this isn't a typical run-of-the-mill Amaretto. There are thick marzipan notes but also a smattering of floral, almost herbal aromas, thanks in part to the use of Strawberry Gum.

The palate :  full of marzipan flavour with a thick and decadent mouthfeel. Plenty of sweetness but not 'over the top' sweet.

The Length : A nice long drawn-out finish with the brown sugar playing a key role in the length

All of White Possum liqueurs, including Naked Amaretto, are bottled exclusively in recycled glass spirit bottles. Between their lovely network of bars who help collect empty spirit bottles for them and the those that get spat out of their own tasting set production line, they have managed to build up a locally sustainable supply of bottles. These bottles are given a "rough massage" to strip the labels off, then a hardcore hot rinse and a final polish up before being revived with a new liqueur filled life.

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