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White Possum Naked Maraschino Cherries 20% -250g Jar

White Possum Naked Maraschino Cherries 20% -250g Jar

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- Made by soaking cherries in our own 'Naked Maraschino'
- Not soaked in coloured sugar syrup like most commercial cocktail cherries
- The first Australian made maraschino cherries and made right here in Melbourne

Cocktail enthusiasts, this is for you. We've brought back maraschino cherries that are actually soaked in alcoholic maraschino. It's a dose of tradition with a modern twist.

These sweet cherries are infused in our Naked Maraschino liqueur, itself fermented and distilled from cherries and native quandongs. We add a lick of sugar and a dash of almond oil to the liqueur before infusing this 'pickling liquid' into the heart of every cherry. The cherries are macerated for several weeks and will continue to develop in flavour while they're in the jar.

These are stemless cherries. Each jar contains approximately 110g of cherries (measured by dry weight) infused in 120ml of alcoholic pickling liquid. Please be mindful that despite our best efforts there may occasionally be pits inside, so take care.

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don't use any animal products nor processes throughout).
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