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Willie Smith’s Pommeau de Tasmanie 18.2% 700ML

Willie Smith’s Pommeau de Tasmanie 18.2% 700ML

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Product ABV: 21%
Product size: 700ml
Heading: More than a liqueur, rich apple character is refined with artful barrel aging.

Much more than a simple liqueur Willie Smith’s honours French traditions by artfully marrying fresh heritage cider apple juice with their own apple brandy. Using a Solera barrel-aging system, multiple large barrels are utilised and small fractions of the oldest product are taken to bottle, the barrels are then topped up with fresh juice and brandy each apple harvest. This ensures a consistently delicious yet ever-evolving liqueur

Awakening from its slumber in barrel, a refined and delicate Pommeau emerges. Complex, well-structured and all about sweet baked apple and spice – balanced with firm cider apple tannins and cask influence. In France it’s served as an Aperitif, but in Tasmania they say to enjoy whenever the mood takes you.

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