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5Nines Distilling - Distillers Release - Gincello 31% 500ML

5Nines Distilling - Distillers Release - Gincello 31% 500ML

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The idea behind the "Gincello" is to push boundaries; experimenting with flavours and seasonal ingredients to create profiles that ignite the imagination.

Gincello is a unique blend of a traditional Lemoncello (or Limoncello) and specially crafted lemon gin. Delicious sipped neat or mixed with your favourite mixer.

Ideal neat with ice. Delicious served with a lemon tonic or soda with a lemon wheel garnish.


Juniper — Fresh pine and resinous notes 
Lemon — Tart and zesty 
Coriander Seed — Spice with citrus hints
Cardamom — Aromatic and intriguing
Angelica — Structure and violets 
Cassia — Spicy and aromatic back notes
Native quandong — Unique peachy sweetness 
Almond — Nutty structure 
Cloves — Spicy and fragrant 
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