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Audemus Umami Gin 42% 500ML

Audemus Umami Gin 42% 500ML

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Umami Gin is a creation for the Australian Market from French Distillery, Audemus. Bottled at 42%, the purpose of Umami Gin is to offer the best base spirit for a complex martini. 

Umami Spirits has been part of Audemus portfolio for a long time. Umami Gin has been created after a long trip around Australia with Miko (Owner of Audemus Distillery). The point was to add a distillate of juniper distilled a low pressure (rotovap) to the initial recipe. 

An intriguing Gin designed for cocktail enthusiasts. Named after the fifth "basic taste", which is described as savoury. Umami Gin is produced with a caper distillate made from Sicilian capers, Parmesan and 2 other savoury ingredients, combined with a neutral grain spirit. Quite niche but very cool!

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