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Autonomy Soma Red Vermouth 18% 750ML

Autonomy Soma Red Vermouth 18% 750ML

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Made in Melbourne’s inner west by local distiller Ash Sutherland (Autonomy Distillers) and winemaker Dan Henderson (Stappa Wines), Soma Vermouth uses local and native Australian ingredients to create modern, bright and playful vermouths.

Red vermouth.

Tinta Barroca grapes, wormwood, Davidson plum and a
variety of Australian myrtles. Contains sulfites.

Bittersweet, fresh tart plums, orange zest, ripe blackberries and pepper.

Best consumed within two weeks of opening. Once opened, store in a cool dark place.

18 % ABV
750 mL bottles
6 x 750 mL bottles/case
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