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Champagne Brimoncourt - Brut Régence 12.5% 750ML

Champagne Brimoncourt - Brut Régence 12.5% 750ML

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Brimoncourt: Brut Régence

Indulge in French Excellence with Brimoncourt Champagne

Brimoncourt's signature Brut Régence is a captivating expression dominated by the elegance of Chardonnay. With its aromatic finesse, this gallant wine beckons with its fresh, round texture and delicately fruity finish.

The Chardonnay takes centre stage, creating a bouquet that is delicate, subtle, and exquisitely elegant. White flowers and charming fruity notes, courtesy of the Pinot Noir, intertwine beautifully. Its pronounced minerality imparts distinction and nobility.

As you sip, the well-rounded mouthfeel is a pleasure, invigorated by a touch of freshness that awakens the palate. This reveals a delightful, expansive, and complex structure, leaving a lasting impression.

Brut Régence's finesse and elegance beckon to be shared. It's a perfect match for lime and sea bass tartar, langoustine ceviche, poached turbot with mousseline sauce, and scallops atop braised leeks. But above all, it shines as a shared aperitif, inviting you to savour moments of pure delight

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