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Chateau de Laubade Bas Armagnac Vintage 1983 40% 700ML

Chateau de Laubade Bas Armagnac Vintage 1983 40% 700ML

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Château de Laubade was built in 1870 in the heart of the noblest area of the AOC Bas Armagnac and is today the premier Armagnac property.

Today, the third generation is actively involved in the quest of excellence of the property, composed of 105 hectares of single vineyard, to make Château de Laubade an undisputed reference among the Armagnac category.


105 hectares of single vineyard in Bas Armagnac. Four traditional grape varieties: Ugni-Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco (the most emblematic). Sustainable agriculture: organic manure is produced by 600 ewes.


  • Grapes exclusively coming from the property and from a single year ‘Home-made’ and single distillation, grape variety.

  • ‘Home-made’ and single distillation, grape variety by grape variety.

  • The only Armagnac House coopering its own casks, from Gascony oak, to ensure the finest maturing process.

  • Complete traceability of the eaux-de-vie.

  • The blend differs from a year to another. A unique range selection of Vintages that are older than 50 years.

  • Stored in « dames-jeannes » that guarantee a slow and highly controlled evolution.

  • The oldest “Collection vintages” rest in a unique ageing cellar called « Le Paradis » (Paradise in French).

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