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Cocktail kit - Bordiga Negroni

Cocktail kit - Bordiga Negroni

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The Negroni: Timeless Elegance

This drink stands as a timeless symbol of simplicity and sophistication. With a perfect blend of gin, bitter rosso, and sweet vermouth, it's a masterful trio that delivers a harmonious balance of bitter and sweet flavours. The Negroni's stunning ruby-red appearance, complemented by a twist of orange peel, invites you to savour its vibrant taste. Whether enjoyed as a classic or explored through creative variations, the Negroni remains an enduring classic, a symbol of pleasure, and a testament to the art of mixology.  

The Kit Contains:

1x 700ml bottle of Bordiga Bitter Rosso 21% - Italy

1x 750ml bottle of Bordiga Vermouth di Torino Excelsior Riserva Superiore 18% 

1x 700ml bottle of Bordiga Occitan London Dry Gin 42% 


1. Add the occitan gin, Bitter rosso and Bordiga vermouth to a mixing glass filled with ice, and stir until well-chilled

2. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube 

3. (Optional) Garnish with an orange slice or orange peel

Let the Negroni dance on your taste buds like a carnival in Venice

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