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Pierre HUET Cidre Bouché Brut 4.5% 750ML

Pierre HUET Cidre Bouché Brut 4.5% 750ML

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Our Cidre Bouché Brut is made in the respect of artisanal process making methods :

First the apple are picked up to the right maturation manually or mechanically / washed / crushed / the pulp is put into a vat open air to give the juice its colour and to release its aroma / the pulp is then pressed within an average productivity of 650 most liters per ton of apples / natural clarification of the most / slow alcoholic fermentation (1 to 4 months) / bottling.

Colour : amber, orange
Looking : clear
Smelling : aromatic

The cider must be consumed fresh (between 8 and 10°C) and preferably in « ballon » or « tulipe » glasses.

The Cidre Brut which fermented about 4 months is usually drunk as an aperitif, alone or for a “kir normand” (with Crème de Cassis). It can be served during the meal (with cooked pork meats, grilled meat, galettes...).

In the bottle, the Cidre Bouché Brut continues on fermenting (due to the yeasts).

With optimal preservation conditions (around 10°C and upright stocking), the Cidre Bouché Brut can be kept between 1 and 2 years.
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