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Fleurieu Distillery - Lost Paraguayos Single Malt Whisky SA 59.2% 700ML

Fleurieu Distillery - Lost Paraguayos Single Malt Whisky SA 59.2% 700ML

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Name: Lost Paraguayos
ABV: 59.2%
Size: 700ml
Casks: Apera and PX
Number of bottles produced: 300



Music trivia is a secret passion of one notable distiller at Fleurieu.

As the second release under our new look Fleurieu label, this cask strength whisky is a cheeky nod to the second song on Rod Stewart’s 1971 album Never A Dull Moment.

This cask strength Australian sherry-bomb is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  The unbeatable combination of Apera cask with just a dash of PX cask thrown in for good measure has created a beautifully rounded whisky even at 59.2 %   Be aware that this is a limited run of 300 bottles and we cannot guarantee its availability at cellar door for any length of time.  To avoid disappointment, we suggest you secure your bottle soon.

Lost Paraguayos Tasting Notes:
59.2% alc/vol, available in 700ml bottles only and limited to 300 individually numbered bottles. 

A small release, big on flavour, this Apera and PX aged whisky originated from smaller format 100L barrels. Neat or with small additions of water this whisky reveals delicious malt characters and has a soft creamy finish.  Moreish in every way!

Colour –rich copper
Nose – sweet maple, hints of dried fruit, mixed spice and candied orange
Palate – demerara sugar, dried apricot, with a rich full-bodied toasty malt character synonymous with Fleurieu’s whiskies signature character
Finish – a lingering sweet salty maple and all spice that finishes with a beautiful rich soft creaminess

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