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Gift box - Normandy Treasures

Gift box - Normandy Treasures

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Gift box : Normandy treasures

Normandy, a region steeped in tradition and known for its apple orchards and artisanal distillation, has graced the world with its unique libations.

This Normandy treasures gift box celebrates the centuries-old legacy of apple-based spirits and beverages.

The Kit Contains:

1x 700ML bottle of Pierre Huet Calvados Fine 2 years 40% 

1x 700ML bottle of Pierre HUET Pommeau de Normandie AOC 17% 

1X 750ML bottle of Pierre HUET Cidre Bouché Brut 4.5% 

Normandy's legacy

Normandy's heritage with spirits like Pommeau, Calvados, and cider is deeply rooted in its lush apple orchards and centuries-old traditions.

Calvados, an apple brandy, has been crafted in the region since the 16th century, showcasing the rich flavours of local apples.

Pommeau is a unique blend of apple juice and Calvados, creating a harmonious aperitif.

Norman cider distinct for its apple and pear varieties, reflects the region's unique terroir and craftsmanship.

These beverages not only capture the essence of Normandy but also celebrate its agricultural and culinary legacy.

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