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La Valdotaine Blanc de Morgex Grappa 42% 500ML

La Valdotaine Blanc de Morgex Grappa 42% 500ML

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This grappa is batch distilled in small copper stills in tiny batches from the vinaccia of the Prié Blanc grape.

The strain known as Blanc de Morgex is considered an autochthonous variety of the Aosta valley where it grows as high as 1,200 metres on the steep slopes of Mont Blanc. Amongst the highest in Europe, these hardy vines escaped Phyloxera and some are hundreds of years old.

They produce a grappa of great finesse with intense aromas of fresh grapes, elegant, soft and pleasant flavours with hints of traditional renette apple and pineapple.

Grape: Prié Blanc, indigenous to the Aosta Valley
Refined in oak barrels
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