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La Valdotaine Petit Rouge Grappa 48% 500ML

La Valdotaine Petit Rouge Grappa 48% 500ML

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This grappa is distilled from the marc of the rare red variety, Petit Rouge!

They use the grape skins from the vineyards on the left of the Dora Baltea river, the 16 Acres of vineyards of the Enfer (Inferno) d’Arvier, the oldest DOC in the Valle d’Aosta, a natural amphitheatre of incredible beauty.

Its steep south facing terraced slopes at over 800 metres capture the warm summer sun which is stored in the rocks maintaining a unique hot micro climate. Distillation takes place in small copper stills and the result is the most characteristic grappa of the valley.

It is robust yet well balanced, quite dry with attractive notes of strawberries.

Grape: Petit Rouge D.O.C.
Refined in oak barrels


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