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Lobo Traditional Apple Cider - A bit drier - 5.5% - 4x330ML

Lobo Traditional Apple Cider - A bit drier - 5.5% - 4x330ML

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Mind Spirits' exclusive traditional apple cider - A bit drier 5.5% 4x330ML

100% Australian grown.

A new recipe of cloudy cider crafted at the Lobo Farm (Adelaide Hills).

This cloudy cider is using:

- Mixed bag of Cider Apples.

- Pink Ladies Apples.

- Grannies Apples.

Paddock to bottles, the apples are sourced from Michael's orchard (Owner).

Intense flavour, a little funky in the nose, hint of spice, structure and tannin with a clean finish. 

Untamed flavour, character and sophisticated Lobo style.

The story of Lobo Juice & Cider: 

Just 20km from Adelaide, the Adelaide Hill has been the main apple growing region of South Australia since the 1800's. 

Cidermaking began back then, and various cider companies have come and gone over time.

LOBO began in 2007, they started with a few experiments to try and make some cider out of leftover apples at Michael's orchard.

Encouraged by the results, the experiments became trials, trying out different apple varieties to see which would make the best cider. Granny Smith were a bit tart, Fuji tended to be sweet and bland, Red Delicious was good but it turned out that a blend of mostly Pink Lady apples has a good flavour and natural balance.

As sales expanded Michael grafted a portion of the orchard to change some old Sundowners over to cider apple varieties. Cider apples with unaccustomed names such as Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. These are English varieties grown in Europe specifically for making cider, they tend to have more tannin than eating apples and make a more traditional style of cider, darker in colour with more structure and complex flavour.

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