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Gin Tasting Pack - The Quintessential Gin experience

Gin Tasting Pack - The Quintessential Gin experience

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The Quintessential Gin experience, featuring five of our favourite craft gins.

The ideal "treat" to make the holidays merry.

Discover the unique flavours of craft gin and unlock your inner mixologist. Perfect for turning any night into a celebration!

5 x 30ml samples at 39% average ABV

Take your taste buds on an expedition with a curated selection of gins handpicked from our Portfolio of Craft Spirits.

Featuring gins made in Australia and Europe:

- Bordiga Occitan London Dry Gin 42% 700ML
- Audemus Umami Gin 42% 500ML
- Audemus Pink Pepper Gin 44% 500ML
- Autonomy Peppermint Gum Gin Victoria 40% 500ML
- A Surprise Gin

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