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Pierre Huet Calvados Cordon Or 30 years 40% 700ML

Pierre Huet Calvados Cordon Or 30 years 40% 700ML

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Calvados Pays d'Auge (Protected Designation of Origin)


Minimum of 30 years in oak barrels.


Apple not really predominant. Smelling: sharp smelling, cinnamon and crystallized fruit. Tasting: immediately long and deep.

At the end, prune and quince jam flavours.

Before tasting, this Calvados has to be left a minimum of 15 minutes in a glass, in order to discover all the flavours.


This Calvados must be consumed preferably in a Calvados or « tulipe » glasses, at 18–20 °C.


Calvados « Cordon Or Pierre Huet » is especially marketed at Cave Auge in Paris and served at l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges, Restaurant of Paul Bocuse.

Bronze Medal: General Agricultural Competition of Paris 2008


With optimal preservation conditions (constant cellar temperature), Calvados can be kept about 10 years.


The Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge is obtained through a process of double distillation of cider in a traditional copper still called “alambic à repasse” (which translates as a “double distillation still”). First, the juice obtained by pressing the apples is completely fermented (12 months) in one hundred year old oak barrels.

Our still is heated by an innovative and unique process in Normandy: woodchips. Woodchips produced on the Estate serves as ecological combustible.

The cider is heated once for the first distillation. These cooled and condensed alcohol vapors are between 30 and 35% proof.

The second heater is to distill the “petites eaux”. Only the heart of the distillation is retained. Calvados obtained is 70% proof.

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