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Pisco Ultra Premium Waqar 40% 700mL

Pisco Ultra Premium Waqar 40% 700mL

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Pisco Waqar for the international critic Kara Newman of Wine Enthusiast when awarding it 95 points describes it: “The fragrance of this graceful and delicate artisan pisco recalls a breeze of fresh mint, with some fruits that are felt from the base. In the mouth, it presents violet notes, which do not exaggerate and fade, giving way to soft ginger notes in the end. Thus, light, the flavors are felt almost adrift on the palate. This is one to enjoy and savor. "

More information:

Made by Pisquera Tulahuén with 170 years of tradition, PISCO WAQAR is an ultra-premium distillate with a designation of origin, made on a human scale from Chilean wine, obtained 100% from Muscat grapes grown in a pure and ancestral terroir at the feet of the Andes, and still harvested by hand.

To the senses WAQAR is transparent, young and pristine, fine and delicate, with captivating aromas of white fruits, citrus and orange blossoms. When drinking it reveals a delicious, round and dry flavor, without annoying burning, the aromas spread in the mouth transporting us to the fresh fruit of the vineyards while a slight itching punctures the senses, when leaving it leaves a pleasant memory for a long moment that fades slowly and subtly.

Variety of Grapes:

Moscatel de Alejandría and Moscatel Rosada del Valle del Limarí cultivated for centuries in our valley.

Height Distillation:

Traditional copper and firewood alembics located at 1100 meters above sea level in the Andes.


Transparent, natural and aromatic, without chemical components, without wood and without sugar.


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