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Mind Spirits Gin Tasting Pack 12x30ML

Mind Spirits Gin Tasting Pack 12x30ML

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Mind Spirits' Gin Tasting Pack, featuring a dozen of our favourite craft gins paired with a tasting booklet.

The perfect "experience" for the festive season. It's the perfect gift to kick-start their journey into the captivating realm of gin.

12 x 30ml samples at 39% average ABV

Take your taste buds on an expedition with curated selection of gins handpicked from our Portfolio of Craft Spirits.

Featuring gins made in Australia and Europe:
- Knocklofty Garden Party Gin 32% 500ML
- Pot & Still South-Australian Fig Gin 29% 500ML
- Lobo Quince Gin Liqueur 30% 500ML
- 5Nines Distilling - Distillers Release - Gincello 31% 500ML
- 5Nines Distilling - Wild Citrus Gin 48.3% 750ML
- Lobo Djinn 41.6% 500ML
- Autonomy Quandong Gin Victoria 40% 500ML
- Autonomy Peppermint Gum Gin Victoria 40% 500ML
- Audemus Pink Pepper Gin 44% 500ML
- Audemus Umami Gin 42% 500ML
- Spring Bay Tasmanian Gin 46% 700ML
- Bordiga Occitan London Dry Gin 42% 700ML
11 std drinks approx.

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