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White Possum Naked Maraschino 31% 500ML

White Possum Naked Maraschino 31% 500ML

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Maraschino Reimagined.

This is an intense cherry liqueur that fuses traditional Maraschino flavours with a smattering of Australian desert peaches.
To make it, they slowly ferment sour cherries over many weeks in order to extract those elusive luxurious cherry flavours. This cherry wine is then distilled in a pot still where we remove the sharp 'heads' and the lousy 'tails' of the distillate. From there, they let it rest and age in a small vat until the flavour mellows a little. Then they add a rich infusion of quandongs, a semi-sweet indigenous ‘peach’ that contributes a distinctly fruity aroma, and a couple of other herbs and roots before letting all the flavours rest further and marry together in harmony.
They don't add artificial colours or flavours. That’s the way we like it - naked.

 Two cocktail recipes that feature Naked Kina

Over fruit:
Pour over strawberries + top with cream.
In an Aviation:
45ml gin + 30ml Naked Maraschino + 15ml lemon juice. Shake with ice and strain into a Martini glass.

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