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Willie Smith Tasmanian Apple Brandy 42.1% 700ML

Willie Smith Tasmanian Apple Brandy 42.1% 700ML

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Product Name: Willie Smith's Apple Brandy - Classic
Product ABV: 42%
Product size: 700ml
Heading: Expand your spirit repertoire, with layers of honest apple character in every sip.

Willie Smith’s balances French traditions and their own resourceful Tasmanian attitude to craft a complex and authentic Apple Brandy. Made on the farm, the ethos of ‘letting nature do the hard work’ ensures that this Willie Smtih’s Brandy provides vibrant yet honest fruit flavours coming straight from the orchard.

Patient aging in ex-fortified wine barrels adds a smooth and persistent undertone. Willie Smith’s Head Distiller carefully selects and blends brandies aged in 120 L Australian Muscat, Port and Sherry barrels.

The result? An elegant and outstanding spirit that shows layers of baked apple, sweet caramel and fruit cake aromatics. Best after dinner, share this new Tasmanian tradition with loved ones.

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